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PhD Research Group "History and Narrative"


Welcome to the homepage of the international Ph.D. research group „History and Narrative“.

The research group’s core themes deal with the various forms of representing the past, with narrative aspects regarding history and historiography and with questions regarding the relationship of the ancient and the modern world. An additional central research topic is the influence of aesthetic concepts and narrative and rhetorical strategies on the reception, research and presentation of history.
Currently, researchers are working in the areas English Literature, Anglistics, German Studies, History, Greek Studies, Classical Archaeology, Philosophy, Romance Philology and Slavic studies.


The research program is integrated in the University of Freiburg's International Graduate Academy and offers a new concept of doctoral studies:

  • scientific exchange within an interdisciplinary network of doctoral candidates
  • close cooperation with involved professors and assistant professors
  • doctoral candidates are involved in planning of curriculum
  • each doctoral candidate has two advisors (one professor from the candidate's own field of research and one from a related field)
  • structured curriculum with colloquiums on a regular basis
  • summer academy featuring national and international experts
  • courses covering didactics and opportunity to teach a seminar
  • opportunity to enhance work experience with an internship
  • workshops covering management, communications, and data processing
  • international graduate workshops

The research group is part of the graduate school for „Cultural and Social Studies“, one of the University of Freiburg’s innovative, structured graduate programs. The group’s interdisciplinary focus is strengthened by the close cooperation with the research group „Realms of Learning and Life: Court, Convent and University. Comparative Medieval Studies 500-1600”, the research group „Friends, Patrons, Followers“, and the University’s Center for Ancient Civilization Studies.

The group’s spokesperson is Prof. Dr. Monika Fludernik, Prof. Dr. Ralf von den Hoff is the deputy spokesperson. The group’s coordinator is Sebastian Finger.

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